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   In 1973, a small factory was founded in Chiangmai with the object of producing high-fired stoneware with a translucent cracked glaze known as "CELADONS". This glaze is of compounded silt from a paddy field and of wood ash, fired to its traditional colour in a reduction atmosphere at a temperature of between 1,260 and 1,300 C. The process is reputed to have been first developed in China about 2,000 years ago.
   The intention was to keep an ancient craft alive by drawing inspiration from antique celadons made at various places in what is now Northern Thailand, in particular at Sawankhaloke, Srisatchanalai, Sukothai and San Kamphaeng, as well as antique wares from China.
The small family enterprise was named MENGRAI KILNS, in memory of KING MENGRAI THE GREAT, who founded CHIANGMAI ("The New City") to be the Capital of LANNA KINGDOM about 700 years ago. He was assisted in this endeavor by two allies. One was the renowned King Ramkamheang of Sukothai. The other was King Ngam Muang of Payao. The statues of these three Kings stand on a pleasant green square in Chiangmai, within the walls of the old city and not far from Wat Chedi Luang (the temple of the Great Pagoda), which was built during the 15th Century AD. Thus MENGRAI KILNS is deeply rooted in the historical and artistic traditions of that part of Thailand known as LANNA THAI.    The Northern Thai people have an innate talent for producing handicrafts of great artistic merit from local materials. A mastery of the potter's art is one of their skills. The production of MENGRAI KILNS started a partnership of Mr. Alex Walker, Mr. Donald Gibson and Dr. Sri Srisukri in 1973, producing hand crafted celadons in the traditional way, using wood burning kilns during the early years. The turning point for MENGRAI KILNS was reached when Ms. Duangkamol Srisukri was brought in as kiln-master, taking an active role in the production process. She is biologist by training, and an artist by temperament.
   Her aesthetic sense, an inquiring mind and combined with a scientific method of production, has enabled her to bring MENGRAI CELADONS and STONEWARES to a remarkable high level of beauty and quality.
Nowadays, the products of MENGRAI KILNS enjoy a global reputation. Much of what is made is exported; the operation is deliberately kept on a small scale, to facilitate personal supervision in order to maintain and improve quality. As far as possible, traditional materials and methods remain in use. Only some thirty-nine craftsmen and women are employed at the factory, and each is a creative artist in his or her own right. They are pround of their skills, and sign each piece which they make. Other marks on the foot of each piece, besides the MENGRAI KILNS logo, are the ROYAL Initial of His Majesty the King of Thailand, followed by a number to indicate the year of His Majesty's Reign in which the piece was created.
Three other small numerals, running from 001 to 365, indicate the exact day for the year. And so MENGRAI KILNS strives to maintain the high standards and traditions of their forefathers. If it is asked to what extent they have fulfilled their intention, they prefer to let their works speak for them.
Adapted from an article written by Mr. Donald Gibson, for MENGRAI KILNS R.O.P

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